Rockridge Ninjas
All started from a sign I found in the Rockridge Library.
This project started with a handwritten poster I found in the Rockridge Library. The project began with the found sign, which we redesigned by hand (only allowed to use the same materials that were originally used) using every single element that was originally used. After the redesign we began to develop of design system that could be cohesive and visually exciting.
Upon embarking on the Rockridge Ninja journey, I was not very excited because I didn't want to work on some "stupid ninja design project" as I remember myself saying. Below are several pieces that were designed to be part of my set. Pieces included a website, welcome membership packet including a membership card, event calendar and sketchbook, t-shirts (both male and female designs available), and a poster. After all was said and done, I had tons of fun and even contacted Susy at the Rockridge library to show them my work.
Original poster found in the Rockridge Library.
My initial inspiration.