Mineya is an IT software development company that I recently did CVI for. I approached this project with a goal to create simple, clean and unique visual indentity that will stand out from all other similar companies in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Mineya, being an IT company at the same time is also a mechanical engineering oriented company that exists since 2003. While creating a logo, I led myself with the idea of path intersections that will show diversity, communication, and interconnection of, people, information, service and profession. 
CEO is a friend of mine, and he is the best client, that one designer can wish for. Basically he said "I believe in you, so do your thing". This Visual Identity contains: Logo, Sign system, Pattern, Business card, and a Web site. This project with an average value of 2000$ I did for FREE, not because he wouldn't pay me, but to show, that I will rather do the stuff I love for free, that to deal with bullshit wannabe corporate clients for money.
Thank you for watching.