Memory Lane

Driving home one night, you find that the painful memories of your past have visualized and are trying to distract you from the road. You must either confront these memories and accept your present life, or allow them to swallow you up and face your fate.

- Press the ENTER key to advance to each new story screen. While driving the car, you can press and hold any of the arrow keys to move across on the screen. 
- .Exe file, PC only

- Oncoming memories will try to pass you by to reach the bottom of the screen.
- If you don't drive through these thoughts, confronting them head on, they will accumulate at the bottom of the screen. Don't get swallowed by this larger mass, or you will become distracted and drive off the road!
- Successfully confronting a memory will reveal the next part of the narrative and continue your journey home

In-game Screenshots