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    This project shows the steps involved in creating a pencil portrait by Bryan Duddles.
I always start with a detailed sketch indicating the areas of shadow/highlight, shapes within the hair, glasses and face. Then I flipped the sketch over and followed all the lines with a hard grade pencil. I set the sketch on the bristol board to transfer the drawing to the final support medium.
I begin the portrait by drawing from the top left and I work my way down to the bottom right corner of the paper and I use a slip sheet under my hands to keep the drawing clean and prevent smudging.
Two grades of pencil were used on this portrait, Staedtler Mars H, for subtle shading and fine light lines and Eberhard Faber Ebony for deep blacks, overall shading and hard dark lines.
Leaving the dark, high contrast lines with shading over them creates the illusion of texture in the hair and beard. The face and glasses have a softer gradient shadow.
This is the final portrait. Visit http://www.artbyduddles.com for more samples and pricing.