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    A re-design of the GDA labelling system, This is my research project for my Ba Hon's in Graphic Design.
GDA Labelling Re-Design Concept.
(Guideline Daily Amounts)
This is a concept I have been working on as part of my Degree. I aimed to improve the current GDA labelling on packaging. I developed and Icon set whilst giving each nutrient a specific colour and an App to help consumer keep track of their daily consumption. 
Consumers would need to learn the icon set and also what colour represent each nutrient after this the GDA labelling would be an easy tool to use when trying to make and informed desision. 
I have come to the end of my course and this is the current concept I have. I will continue to devlope the idea  as I have really enjoyed the project and would like to push the idea further. 
This logo represent the seven nutrients and how it takes a combination of all these nutrients to make up a balenced diet. 
Each nutrient has a specific colour. This is the colour palette for seven nutrients.
Back of Pack labelling.
These Icons are used on the back of a product and show the percentage of the daily amount that would be used up if the product it consumed. 
Front of Pack labelling. The colour on the front of pack refers to the high levels of nutrients in the product.
This App would inform the consumer of the consumption of their daily amount, making it easier for them to keep track of their daily intake. The idea is to have a bar code on the packaging that the phone could scan and retrieve all the nutritional information and add it to the daily intake