Yassu Panju Game. Yassu PAnju Haar KAbootar Doli
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Here is a Quick Demo.

In Private table you can create your own private table and share the table id with your friends. You friend will join the table by entering the table id and the game will be started.
Select your favorite name ( Yassu, Panju, Haar, Kabootar or Doli ) and then select number of fingers you want to place ( 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 ). The game play will be started. In the end looser will select the punishment which will be audio or image and perform that punishment and upload that punishment. After that the winner will decide whether the uploaded image is correct or not.
In the end coins will be awarded to Everyone.
You can also play with random online players as well as offline with bots. You can also create a public table and anyone can join that table.
Prove to everyone that you’ve got the sharpest mind by challenging them to a classic fast reaction game – Yassu Panju! ( Yasu Panju, yaso panju )
Easy and fun to play, this game needs your attention and also your luck matters so if you don’t pay attention, you might just lose to your opponents!
Yassu Panju which is also known as Yasu Panju or yasoo panju is an ancient desi game which is played in rural areas especially in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Turkey, and Italy.
This game is played between 2,3,4 or 5 players. Where each player selects a name from yassu, pajnu, haar, kabooter, doli. Then they place their hand on table with 1,2,3,4 or 5 fingers and count down start.
Yassu Panju has also known as yassu panju game, yassu panju haar kabootar doli game Collar de la pata de Jesús Paloma Dolly, Yesus, JezusJesus klou in Spain, Catalonia, Philippines, Italy, Poland and other countries.
Yassu Panju game is an ancient desi sport of Asia with origins over 2500 years ago. Yassu Panju game is as old as other Asian games like Kanchy (Marbles game), Ludo.
The game consists of five enthusiastic players.
Yassu Panju game also famous as Yasu Panju or yaso panju provides you exciting gameplay with different environments.
Play yassu panju and win golden coins which are used to unlock game items and they are also used to play the game.
Version 1.0:
• Enthusiastic gameplay
• Amazing tables
• Multiple hands
• Eye-catching UI
• Exciting sounds and SFX
• Multiplayers
This Game is also famous with these names:
• Yassu Panju
• Yasu Panju
• Yaasu Panju
• Yasoo Panju
• yaso panju
• yassu panjo
• yassu panjoo
• yasu panjo
• yasu panjoo
• yasoo panjo
• yasoo panjoo
• yaso panjo
• yaso panjoo
• yassu panjoo
• yassu panjo

• Multiplayer Mode- Match up with strangers from across the world and show no mercy in order to move up the Leader board Rankings!
• Highly entertaining gameplay modes to choose from!
• Tap on the screen to select your desired name ( yassu, panju, haar, kabooter, doli. Brace yourself and defend try to win as soon as possible!
• Practice with bots to understand the complete gameplay.
• Complete daily mission to get on the top.
• Weekly Leader board result of your country or world.
• Play privately with your friend.
• Quickly join random online players and blasts the fun!!
• Get free coins with daily spin and completing daily tasks.
Some Screens of Yassu Panju Game:
A Traditional Game on Google Play Store:
Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…
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Get ready to relive your childhood memories without really feeling the pain! Download now for FREE and enjoy!
If you find any issue or error please let us know so that we will improve this app as perfect as we can.

This Game is also famous with these names:
Yassu Panju,Yasu Panju,Yaasu Panju,Yasoo Panju,yaso panju,yassu panjo,yassu panjoo,yasu panjo ,yasu panjoo,yasoo panjo,yasoo panjoo,yaso panjo ,yaso panjoo,yassu panjoo,yassu panjo, yassu pnju,yasu pnju, yaasu pnju,yasoo,pngu, yasu pangu, yassu pangu, yasoo pangu, yaasu pangu, yassu pango, yasuu pango, yaso panjo, yasoo pango

Yassu Panju Game. Yassu PAnju Haar KAbootar Doli

Yassu Panju Game. Yassu PAnju Haar KAbootar Doli


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