Tsro 3D illustration

Since Tsro POS system arrived in the Foodies town, the food ordering 
experience changed completely.

Back then, all the fellows in the city used to collect their orders from the burger 
house at the end of the town. The distance was a lot to walk. But the taste was worth it.
That was until Tsro launched its services

Paul was very happy with the news. Even his cat was thrilled to get more 
cheeseburgers delivered hot to home.

First, Tsro started in Burger's house, then moved to all around the city. Even Uncle Melty could use the system to track his ice cream and sweets sales.

And since restaurants could determine their order delivery times accurately, they 
managed to get their orders delivered hot anywhere.​​​​​​​

Burger's house witnessed great success. They even opened 24/7 to catch up with the orders jam.

After all, who doesn't crave a big hotdog at midnight?

And although Paul couldn't move from the chair anymore, he was so
much enjoying the luxury of Tsro ordering experience.

Characters pause
The foodies have many fun positions and we tried to capture some of it, especially
 when they are eating their favorite burgers.

Model sheets
We tried to imagine our characters in different pauses to get a sense of how they will look like if placed in real life.

And we played with the environment elements and materials as well to create a diverse combination.

Clay renders was also part of behind the scenes process of the campaign videos' production 

As always, our process started with sketches for the environment, characters, and even the town animals to have a holistic view before modeling Tsro campaign series of videos..

Thanks from all the Foodies :)

Tsro 3D illustration

Tsro 3D illustration

Tsro is a point of sale for restaurants that helps owners in their daily tasks and connects their store with the kitchen and delivery with a smar Read More