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Collection of logotypes and wordmarks
Diagnostika klinika ARS
Logotype design, Logo symbol update, Brand design. 2015
Logotype–Wordmark design, Brand design. 2014 **
Villa Balgatura is a hotel and spa resort
Logotype design, Corporate design. 2012 *
Hants is a people-focused real estate agency
Logotype–Wordmark design, Corporate design. 2012 **
Ecogen is an environmental company
focusing on interconnecting technologies, products and ideas.
Modular logotype system, Corporate design. 2012 **
Terra is a root vegetables restaurant
Logotype-wordmark design, Corporate design, Art-directing. 2012 **
Make! Dutch design made in Latvia is a design workshop
with Design Academy Eindhoven and Art Academy of Latvia
Logotype–Wordmark design, Graphic design. 2011
RoIT is a business management and IT consulting firm
Logotype–Wordmark design, Corporate design. 2011 *
Origo is shopping mall based in centre of Riga city
Logotype design, Design strategy, Creative strategy, Brand design, Art direction. 2001-2010 *
H2O Racing is a international sports marketing company
Logotype design, Corporate design, 2011 *
LSCC connects logistic and transportation companies.
Logotype design, Design strategy, Corporate design, 2010
F1H2O is largest World championship for F1 class powerboats
Logotype design update, Design strategy, Brand design, Webdesign. 2009-2010 *
Courts of Latvia is the multiple levels justice system in Latvia
Logotype system design, Corporate design, Typography. 2009 *
Architecture centre promotes value of good architecture
Logotype design
Mols is shopping mall in Riga (design update)
Logotype design update, Brand design, Art direction. 2009 *
Radi designs and produces environment-friendly timber houses
Logotype design update, Corporate design. 2009 *
Spa Bez Dna is deep spa treatment
Logotype design, Wordmark, Corporate design. 2011
Coreform is brand design consultancy
Logotype design, Design strategy, Brand development, Corporate design. 2008 *
Ekosoft is an environmental sustainability consulting firm
Wordmark design, Corporate design, 2008 *
Latvia 90th anniversary logotype competition 2nd place finalist
Logotype design, 2008
Kapuce is an mid-eastern themed minimalistic interior store
Logotype design, 2007
Kapitāls is largest and oldest business magazine in Latvia
Logotype design, Art direction, Graphic design. 2006 *
Duntes biroji is office space lease and is awarded Best Office Building in 2008
Logotype design, 2006 *
Adazi is quality meat producer
Logotype design update
iNord internet bank is operated by one of largest financial institutions
in Nothern Europe – DnB NORD Bank
Logotype design, 2005 *** is online travel booking service
Logotype design, 2005 ***
Mitau is premium meat producer
Logotype design, Brand design, 2004 *
Sushi Point is Japanese cuisine delivery service
Logotype design, Design strategy, Brand design, Art direction. 2003 *
EBS designs and supplies modular interior construction systems
Logotype design, Corporate design. 2003 *
ElladaTours is Mediterranean cruise company
Logotype design. 2001 *
* In partnership with Coreform brand design systems
** In partnership with Matka
** In partnership with DraftFCB Latvia
Collection of logotypes and wordmarks

Collection of logotypes and wordmarks

Compilation of logotypes and wordmarks designed between 2000 and 2015.
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