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    Sketches from my book
My home.
In the office.

Sometimes one has to travel without a ticket. The consequence is that you pay a fine but its okay to pay fine sometimes. Here's me looking at two other people waiting between the train compartments, sitting on some boxes.
Men working on the farm weeding the grass from the peas.
Sleeping on the train. His gson wanted me to write Sarjit Singh Malaysia before he took a photo of it.
Did some random line drawings of people on the train. Everyone was on the phone talking about what they were going to do and who they were going to meet and what time the car will leave etc..all for the new year.
My uncle has such patience. He spends hours sitting on one spot. Breakfast, newspapers, lunch, crossword, sudoku and at night some vodka.
Same spot that i kept sketching in my village. In northern Punjab, India.
Haven't really drawn from life for a long time so winter break was a good time spent staring at goats
There's two gates that lead in and out of the drive way and both have these huge bougainvillea plants growing all over them. Very dense. I'll probably turn fifty by the time I detail one properly. So here's a gist of it.
Staring at dog (s)
Goats are fed and not left to graze. As they uproot all they eat.
on the train home
My Gmum was ill. In the hospital being on the drip can be very boring so we were both drawing.
sketching vaibhav sleeping on the train
more meetings
friend's house last winter
housemate one relaxing
friends relaxing
 more sketches here 
Funny how far you will go to make sketches on a 7 hour train ride. I'd hide the sketch every time this man looked my way. I didn't want him to get conscious.
Random man on the train wanted a sketch of himself in 15 minutes. He had to get off the train.
Men eating peanuts