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Lucky No. 8 / 8 大财 - Original Skate Brand Design


A Fortuitous Figure
Lucky No. 8, or 8 大财, is an original brand design built on the idea of highlighting a number and its cultural significance.

In China, the number 8 is rich with tradition, believed to be a lucky number because it is pronounced similarly to the beginning of a phrase meaning "to make a fortune." Because of this, people will go to great efforts and pay great amounts of money to surround themselves with the number 8, from spending millions on an all-8s phone number to unifying all of mainland China on one timezone, UTC+8:00.

The infographic below highlights some of these events and is intended to educate consumers on the significance behind the brand.


Global Good Luck
Lucky No. 8's mission is to connect skateboarders from across the world. Specifically, the brand strives to forge a relationship between the passionate, long-standing skate culture of the United States with the vibrant emerging trend in China.

The brand's selection of skateboarding apparel and accessories are designed to appeal to enthusiasts in the U.S. and China alike.

In addition to apparel, the Lucky No. 8 product line includes an original full-size skateboard design.

Below-left, it is displayed along with other materials in the Western Kentucky University fine arts building. Below-right, it is highlighted as part of a brand presentation at the 2019 Western Kentucky University Student research conference, where it won the Arts and Humanities poster session.

The brand also includes a prototype of a miniature skateboard design and custom packaging. The prototype was created using a modified Tech Deck skateboard kit.

The packaging is composed of two parts: an inner box to hold the skateboard, featuring a fact about the number 8 on each side (drawn from the infographic piece), and an outside sleeve that can slide on and off. The pieces were printed using die-cut templates and cut and assembled by hand.

Lucky No. 8 / 8 大财 - Original Skate Brand Design

Lucky No. 8 / 8 大财 - Original Skate Brand Design