Linnea's Lights Holiday Packaging
Linnea's Lights Packaging
Holiday Candle COLLECTION

Pattern Illustration, Art Direction
Our team had the absolute pleasure of working with Linnea's Lights to craft their holiday collection of candles. Read more about the design process below. ​​​​​​​
"Linnea’s Lights® is a woman-owned, family driven luxury brand of home fragrances built upon a foundation of quality and craftsmanship. We partner with local and global causes to help make our world a better place."
Forest Fir
spruce  / fir needles / balsam
Winter forest, a freshly sawn tree, and the beauty of a noble Frasier fir illuminated with peaceful lights
evergreen / mint / vanilla
Cold frosts and white landscapes, delicate snowflakes falling from the sky, and the feel of winter’s breath in your lungs
Crimson Clove
cranberry / clove / mandarin
The nostalgic feeling of the holiday season, woodland winter berries, and decorated citrus fruits with cloves
Pattern Design

The pattern, titled Celebration, was designed to echo a candle's scent throw. Festive, but not overtly holiday. Elegant, bold, luminous.

Celebration is meant to encompass the excitement of the holiday season through movement and pattern, with bursts of stars and rays of light. This design plays off the flourishes and elegant linework of the Linnea’s Lights brand, elevated for the holiday season.  
Pattern Rough sketch alongside final vector artwork.
We took a maximalist approach to the label design in that artwork and text all felt ornately combined. It was our goal to weave text seamlessly in and out of the pattern. We achieved this by arcing text boxes across the pattern elements. 

Fonts used: 
Mrs Eaves XL Serif, Engravers MT
Full votive wrap pattern design, vector, Adobe Illustrator

Original sketches and illustration: Procreate
Vectorization and typesetting: Adobe Illustrator
Tethered Drawing: Astropad
Infinity Foil MH 87

more print specs below
Shop the Holiday Votive Gift Set exclusively at Terrain.
Shop the Holiday Votive Gift Set exclusively at Terrain.

In addition to the Terrain gift set, we designed label stickers for each candle's individual packaging. We adapted the pattern design to fit the unique label shape and craft tubes of their Everyday collection.

Shop individual candles on
Label artwork, photo courtesy
Adaptation of the pattern during the label design process, using Linnea's Lights core label shape. 

Colored Labels, Flood coats:
Forest Fir: Pantone 349U, Infinity Foil MH 87
Winter: Pantone 2955U, Infinity Foil MH 87
Crimson Clove: Pantone 704U, Infinity Foil MH 87

Holiday gift set, photo courtesy 
Early back label comps (left and center) alongside the final back label design. 
Remember the days of making snow angels after the first snow of the year? Of hanging ornaments on a freshly cut tree, and cuddling by the fire drinking cider while listening to Bing Crosby? Packaged in custom gilded illustrations evoking celebrations on rich jewel toned backgrounds, our Holiday Collection will transport you to your favorite holiday moments.

-Linnea's Lights
Forest Fir, image courtesy
Holiday candles, image courtesy
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Linnea's Lights Holiday Packaging

Linnea's Lights Holiday Packaging

Patterned holiday packaging design for Linnea's Lights candles. Geometric, celebratory patterns glitter across votive gift sets and individual kr Read More


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