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    Concept app that favors emotional connection between friends and family.
Emotional Messaging (concept)
Year: 2011
Genre: Mobile app
When you are with friends or family members, you can feel their presence even if you are not engaged in a conversation. You feel their presence when you hear the noises they make while cooking, or when you smell their perfume.
How could a mobile app give the same sense of presence without forcing you to text someone? That is the question I explored with this concept. The goal was to find a way to communicate with your close circle of friends and family in a more emotional way. The app didn't go to production, but some of the ideas were used into other apps for the same company.
The whole concept is based on using pictures to share the way people feel at any given time. It is a light exchange of images because people set their own moods (pictures) and the update is silently broadcast to you. So you are not bombarded with notifications. At a glance, you can see how your loved ones are doing.
You can text people and send pictures in the traditional way as well, but purpose of the app is to reinforce emotional connections. For instance, if you haven't reached out to a particular person in a long time, their picture would crumble and fade like it was ageing. A visual (and emotional) representation of your closeness to that person.
It was all about fun! The interaction relied heavily on gestures, so you were not bored by menus or three-step processes to say Hi to a friend. If you don't feel like saying Hi, you can send a kiss, a hug or a beer. A more interesting way to let your friends know that you were thinking about them.
Initial idea for the home screen
Starting a conversation and sharing content
Contact details
Initial launch sequence
Home screen (high-fidelity version)
A friend sent you a picture