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    Take-away packaging for Nostro Bakery designed with Nora Szekeres. Graphasel Design Studio, 2012.
Located in the city centre of Budapest, Nostro Gastronomy is a tiny bud busy gastropub. The interior of the pub is often extended to the terrace assembled on the pedestrian precinct where customers can consume their delicious cakes or coffee. As customers frequently wish to carry their meal with them, the requirement of developing a novel packaging emerged; a box in which cakes and coffee can fit that enables customers to carry it in one hand. The coffee-holder – which can optionally be removed – fits to all three paper cups; a special insert inside the box makes handling cakes easier and it also prevents them from sliding onto each other during transport. The boxes are available in two sizes; they can easily be mixed according to the of the needs of customers by connecting them with a satin ribbon.
Thanks Nóra Szekeres student of Limerick School of Art and Design for her cooperation.