The worst UX website ever

The Worst UX Website Ever​​​​​​​


UX-designers are crucial and highly-demanded specialists. Most good UX-designers are well-paid and do not enter job market, while many people with suspicious skillsets apply to UX positions aiming to get those highly-paid jobs. Being desperate after trying to hire a good UX person for 9 months in a row, we decided to change tactics.


We made UX professionals headhunt themselves by offering them a game they couldn’t resist.

We created a viral application website with a challenging call to action and the worst UX ever. It was so bad that UX perfectionists couldn’t resist going through all the steps and sharing it with colleagues.

It was hard, but our UX achieved:
Vague hintsPainful forms / Randomly curved user journeyFrustrating dialogs Killing feedback / Unintuitive selectors / Demotivating progress bar

After being posted on just a few accounts and communities, without any paid promotions, our viral site collected about 8000 unique visitors within 3 weeks. An average session duration of 1 minute and 28 seconds proved that most of the visitors completed the whole journey and 300 of them submitted their job applications. One of those candidates got a job with our company.
Production             Veeam Software
Creative director    Ilya Sokolov
Art director             Artem Moskovskiy / Ekaterina Pudanova
Copywriter             Olga Makarova
Editor                     Jacob Browning
Animation               Stepan Zykov
Web design            Alexey Atapin / Sofia Kochina

The worst UX website ever