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    A beach for people with disabilities and their families, it is unique in Greece.
This beach is for people with disabilities and their families, it is unique in Greece.
An explosion of happiness in the volunteer's hug
The therapist explains how water transformed Ali.
He usually is a child with a difficult behavior.
He bites and attacks to everybody.
The hands are a great mean of expression. In this picture, all the happiness of the world is expressed. So simple, so obvious
After swimming the bodies are cold, for this reason the therapist quickly wipes them with a towel.
Natalia with the beautiful eyes and smile. She was born in a Roma's tent. A social worker took the child and delivered her to the institute because her family was trying to make a profit of her physical problem.
Paul, is curious for everything and most of the times when someone tells him "don't" he prefers not to listen
Kasy, has dedicated her life as a volunteer for those people, she is American-Greek.
She comes to this beach early in the mornings and helps the children, many of them consider her as their mother.
The young man, who is jumping from his friend's shoulders, was a champion in the Paralympics 2004 in the sport of weightlifting.
When he was 41 years old he had an accident with his motorbike.
Nine years later, he continues his life trying to find hiself through a fragile and emotional journey.
"I spend many years on bed crying and curse my bad luck, now I have to keep going".
With a plastic glass full of cafe between his feet, he looks at the people at the seaside waiting for the moment
to join them.
Even after so many years he avoids crowded places.
Every day Spyros, follows the exact same path to the sea. As he said "There, I am a new born man"