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    A corporate rebranding and web redesign for Ajisen Ramen.
Ajisen Ramen: Revived is my senior design thesis project for my BFA in Electronic Design & Multimedia at The City College of New York. The project proposes a corporate rebranding, with a focus on brand consistency and accessibility of online information, for Ajisen Ramen, a Japanese restaurant chain specializing in ramen with over 600 restaurants worldwide. Having only a consistent corporate icon, the image of a young Japanese girl, Chi-chan, the company lacks unified branding across its multiple establishments throughout the United States. In conjunction to this issue, the company also suffers from a weak web presence. Multiple websites exist, each with multiple issues including: poor design, missing information, inefficient usability, and mobile device inaccessibility. Through the exploration and use of HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP, I intend to create a unified website to encompass and display information for all of Ajisen Ramen’s restaurants based in the United States. In addition to this, I will also redesign their logo and produce it on various brand elements.
Watch the logo creation video: Ajisen Logo v. 4
Watch the logo creation video: Ajisen Logo v. 1
Watch the logo creation video: Ajisen Logo v. 2
Watch the logo creation video: Ajisen Logo v. 3
The aim of the Ajisen Ramen website redesign focused on user experience design: a website needed to be design that allows users to interact with it easily and efficiently. The first step of the project was to establish a single domain name for the company: ajisenramen.net. Next, company and restaurant information was complied, compressed, and displayed efficiently throughout the new website. In addition to information, different functional features were included, such as online reservation and contact forms. Lastly, responsive design was implemented so that the website would now be accessible by mobile devices, a feature that previously did not exist for Ajisen Ramen's web presence.
View the live website: www.ajisen.vlat.co
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