Caserne Brewing Co.

Brasserie Caserne Brewing Co.

Real brewery or good stunt? On November 28th, hundreds of guests attended the Brasserie Caserne Brewing Co. launch, a unique project bringing together graphic design, hop and humour. 

Wanting to organize a festive night that would bring together our friends and clients, we decided to deal with the alcohol supply by creating our own beer brand. 

Bringing together the talents of our team and of our collaborators, the creation of this brewery unlike any other was thought out with the rigor and creativity necessary to any 360 branding project, and pushed in every possible direction: videos, posters, clothing, bags, coasters, growlers, and, of course, cans full of beer.

Visual Identity: Caserne
Typography: Coppers and Brasses
Video Direction: Parade
Video Production: Content Content
Motion Design: Arthur Cloche
Photography: François Ollivier and Marianne Isabelle
DJ: DJ SPORTSWEAR (Mathieu Dionne) and ROBERT SMALL (Alex Blouin)


All the elements of this seriously well-thought-out joke came together and left people wondering about the true nature of the project, even sparking the curiosity of professionals in the beer industry. 

The Brasserie Caserne Brewing Co. remains a unique project that perfectly represents the studio’s image: playful, inspiring and spontaneous. If the 300 beers canned for the occasion disappeared in two hours, the Brewery could make another appearance in the future. Keep your eyes open.

Caserne Brewing Co.