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--- Home and Town ---

After Garden 1910, I began my new project Home and Town (市集与小屋). I like creating works with strong seasonal marks, especially living in New York, where you experience a breathlessly beautiful autumn. So I just staring the poetic world outside my window, and putting everything I dream to experience into these drawings. The world keeps changing, which I can tell from the foliage color, the sound of raindrops, the pace of footsteps, the fruit in market ......I know it suddenly gets chilly recently, wish my new works warm you up. 
A Moment in Many Times 
A moment in many times, a myth and tales reading night in a cozy cabin, at foot of snow mountain. They say a giant fierce white bear hiding inside the heart of the hill. If you pray for a safe climbing trip, better to bring the bear into deep sleeping by tell bedtime stories overnight. Thus a story night became a ritual for every explorers stepping into this icy land.
Hazelnut Bakery Shop
The First Snow
New Year Market 
New Year Market,according to one chapter from an ancient book written in Song Dynasty, describing the shopping scene during holiday. I transcribed the article in my notebook first to help me digest the content. Besides working as freelance illustrator, I am setting up a traditional kids cloth brand NianYi 年衣,with another partner and out team in Beijing.  I created this work as our 2019 winter season campaign, where the kids dressing up out latest items. If you are interested in my cheongsam design, please check this interview I had with Singapore Little magazine:Bringing Art To Life With Fashion
Some cloth I featured in this drawing. I designed and illustrated the textile as well. 
Our packaging design for 2020 new year, mimicking the doors of old Beijing architectures. 
--- Commissions from Various Clients ---
Below shows recent commercial assignments in digital style. I feel grateful that  Garden 1910 got nice feedback, which reminds me artist should always be true to themselves. Anther lesson is never stop pushing each work to its limit. 
Tree of Bliss 
Client: Nianyi 
20000 Leagues Under the Sea
Client: Hatch Concept Design 
A Letter for Tomorrow
Client: Tencent  x  China Post
Animated version
Jasmine Tea House 
Client: Tencent
Dim Sum Branding Design adapted from Jasmine Tea House by AM Studio ( New York)
QQ mobile and Beijing subway station
All the new works above will be shown in my upcoming Solo " Red Box"--Vikki Zhang Illustration Exhibition
Time: 2019.12.21 -- 2020.01.03 ( Monday to Sunday, 10:30-18:00)
Location: SUM Art Museum, D8-2, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China
I will be in gallery from 2020. 01.01 to 2020.01.03. Looking forward to seeing you.

Thank you for viewing ! 

Email: vikkizhangart@gmail.com

Home and Town

Home and Town



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