Art Walk
Downtown Vision, Inc.

Since Art Walk is inherently a changing event (each month hosts different highlights and participants), the logo also changes from month to month. While the layout is consistent, the color changes on a regular basis.
Flyer map
This may be Art Walk's most important promotional tool – it serves not only as a flyer to notify the public that Art Walk is coming soon, but has an extensive list on the back of all participating locations and events so patrons can plan their night (with 30+ locations each month, few can make it to everything without some serious planning).
A-Frame Sign
Signs are placed at key intersections and locations the day of the event for awareness. Since Art Walk is one of Downtown Vision's highest attended events, the walking man from the logo was repeated until the border became a sea of people – not unlike MOCA or Burrito Gallery on an Art Walk night.
Ads, Symphony Program and Newspaper
Rack Card