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    Visual homage to my dad.
A confusing visual homage to my dad
My dad and I share a lot of interests, off course I'e been raised with his example and guidance; the love for the classical music specially Bach and Beethoven comes from him, my love for the tango, the jazz, the ballet and specially my fascination and passion about photography.

We don't share his love for Cervantes (I prefer Shakespeare), his past life like a sailor and my love for poetry (specially Rimbaud). For that reason pay a homage to him using my prefered poetry of Rimbaud will be a bit confusing for him. But that's what I am, a confusing person.

Some time ago my old man came to home with some sea shells (Bogotá is really far from any of the two oceans which surround my country) and gave it to me as material for photography. He thought I didn't pay attention to his request, but the fact is that I've been working with that shells so much, I love to see it, a mixture of my love for maths, nature and constant reminder of my dad's love.

I´ve been a drunk boat for a long time, right now trying to find my north but the wind which have nurtured my travel always have been my family, their love and my love for them.

Then in my feverish mind this is a right way to make a homage to my old man, my hero and master.