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Corpo de Letra / Type Catalog
Class: Typographic Semiology / Tutor: Álvaro Sousa
Masters in Design / Aveiro University (2013) 
At the class of Typographyc Semiothics we were asked to create a type catalog acording to the Vox-AtypI Classification, created in 1954 by Miximilien Vox, adopted in 1962 by the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), and established in 1967 as the british standard for the classification of typefaces (BS 2961:1967).
It devides fonts in four big "groups" and inside these groups other "families":
Classicals: Humanist, Garalde and Transitional.
Moderns: Didone, Mechanistic and Lineal (Grotesque, Neo-Grotesque, Geometric and Humanist).
Calligraphics: Glyphic, Script, Graphic, Blackletter/Fraktur and Gaelic (added in 2010).
My catalog, "Corpo de Letra" (meaning "font size" but literally in portuguese "body of letter"), uses the human body as an illustrated complement while presenting these fonts.

Illustrations for the catalog.