Rebranding 2019-20

Mokatine are delicious coffee-flavoured caramels. Created in 1934, they are made in the Antwerp region in Belgium. Once in the mouth, its aroma will titillate your taste buds. Its famous packaging, illustrated with a Bedouin head, protects a delicious coffee-flavoured caramel.

The old packaging uses the Bedouin as the main image of the pack. We notice the dominant presence of red first, then yellow and blue.

The sand sky represent the origin of the product and the bedouin in the foreground reinforces it.

We also notice that it recalls the double origin of the product, since at the bottom we find the adress of the mother confectionery.

There are therefore here the most important elements tot represent on the packaging.

We have reworked the impastoes of the typography so that they are much more rounded and 
especially: kitch, as our global communication campaign is.


We choose to use and create differents tools to make our global campaign strong with our concept based on 3 values:
 - Original
 - Authentic 
 -  FUN

We have decided to target a younger audience so that the brand's history can last longer and does not preserve this too old side.

And we decide to make fun with our new mascot: the camel.

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