Collection of modular furniture for public places «Simpliseat»
The furniture collection «Simpliseat» was designed by order of company SimpliSity in 2010 and became the visiting card of a company. The company wanted to put on sale a series of subjects for public places – shopping centres, museums,exhibition halls, children's playgrounds - which would be functional, compact and enough simple in manufacturing and operation. I developed the furniture project Simpliseat. It is not even the furniture in its usual understanding,but the element of the triangular form, made of bent plywood or glued wooden boards, some copies of which are united with each other by means of special fasteners, and form different subjects. At the basis of idea is the triangle,as the steadiest geometrical figure, which allows creating a great number of modular pieces of furniture. It is necessary to tell about system of connections of elements. Its principle is enough simple: several triangular details "are threaded" on long connector and are fixed from both sides by two inserts-clamps, which jammed a structure! The assembly configuration is made in such a manner that any person can independently collect a necessary subject on his own, whether it is a single bench without aback, a wide bench with a high back, a bench with a little table or even a garbage can. It means that the buyer becomes the co-author of a subject and his own space, choosing the very object that is necessary for him. The collection manufacturing techniques suppose usage of bent plywood or glued boards from wood of secondary manufacture. The colours of collection can be different, but the preference is given to natural tree shades, now the subject is issued in three colours: neutral (neutral), cherry (cherry), mahogany (mahogany). Two variants of collection Simpliseat are designed and made: the variant for public places with clearance for the adult person and the variant for children, with the reduced clearance for usage in child-care facilities and families with small children. The children's variant of collection «Simpliseat» should especially please a young family because it is not only possible to collect together with children convenient and attractive furniture for them, but also it gives them a chance to display their selves creatively, exploring the world through process of assemblage of these cheerful subjects.
 As the designer I address the project«Simpliseat» to those people who want to fill their inhabited space not only with functional subjects from natural materials, but also subjects"amusing" which will allow returning a game element and will carry them away in atmosphere of childhood for some time.