Philography - A study of Autograph Collecting
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    A study of Philography ( Autograph Collecting ) through the media of Information Graphics. Includes editorial publication and poster design.
An Information Graphic piece , looking into the world of Autograph Collecting
Wherever we look we are surrounded by the idea of 'Celebrity'. Everybody reacts to the idea of 'Celebrity' in many different ways, whether it be purchasing a product that has been endorsed by them, or whether it be to switching the television channel over due to a dislike to a certain 'star'. However no matter what you do, you are making a conscious decision whether to make a connection between you and the celebrity or whether to contrast yourself and move in a different direction ( Away from what the 'Celeb' stands for ).

Many people take the route of connecting to a celebrity as a form of 'Idolisation'. One of the oldest forms of this, is through the hobby of Autograph collecting , 'Philography'.
For hundreds of years people have collected signatures to prove they have made the biggest connection of them all and met the 'Icon' they have idolised. However due to the world of the internet and online auction sites this harmless hobby of enjoyment has turned into a very big money making scheme. Professional autograph dealers spend their day to day lives tracking down certain stars and selling the signatures online for very high prices. This has caused many "icons' to refuse to sign signatures, causing the real fans to suffer.

For this project I decided to enter this world of 'Philography' and try and track down several of my favourite icons. I met many autograph dealers along the way and recorded every step of the journey. Each Autograph I obtained was valued and contrasted to see whether the hours I put in and the worth of the signature was greater than the minimum wage. All these results were shown in an Information Graphic poster with all my findings and records published within a book titled "Signed, Sealed, Delivered".

8 Days
16 Signatures
70hrs 04 mins
£570 + worth of Signatures
£333.40 at minimum wage.