Macouti is an unique shop that imports products from all across the world. Mostly furniture, accessories, sculptures, decorations etc. They are a brand I really enjoy browsing so for a branding project at University I decided to chose them.
The main things I wanted to come across was:
Ethnic, Natural and Quirky.
Keeping these themes in mind I started my research for a logo...
Then I explored with some more type based logos...
Which lead into some more pattern themed ideas...
I liked all different aspects of these three ideas however I couldn't create something I was happy with so I decided to combine them and came up with my final logo:
I really liked this logo however to me this logo only gave off an ethnic feel, so I decided to have a custom rubber stamp created, to include a quirky feel, and to only use brown paper, for the idea of nature.
Shop Extras:
Macouti Rebrand

Macouti Rebrand

For this project we got free range to re brand any company we wanted so long as we obtained permission. I did a brand from back home, Northwich, Read More


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