Tiny Cabin

The 18.5 m2 mobile cabin situated in an area between time and memory, put it in the mountains, near the sea, or in rural, and it immediately blends in with the surroundings, inviting you to a whole new life. This is our vision behind the tiny cabin concept.

It consists of a setting area with portable furniture transformed into bed, a mini enclosed kitchen, toilet, at the ground level, and a rooftop function as a terrace with views of a panoramic nature and storage space and water tank.
The cabin was designed to self-manage energy and renewables (natural resources) in an efficient manner. It self-stores rainwater to then re-use it for its multiple functions. With a structured opening for air circulation and a roof ready for applying (installing) Solar panel. 

The construction and material requirements have been selected and defined. So the installation process can happen within a couple of weeks without an elongated process on a construction site. 

The prefab cabin designed down to last detail, then delivered to the site via rollback tow truck and installed with exact precision by crane truck. 

The cabin consist of a steel framed structure supports the space with sandwich panels shaping the volume and isolate it, with framed windows, the floor is plywood tiled with porcelain installed with silicone.

The main functional space (22 m2): 550 x 320 x 250 cm
Overall: 750 x 340 x 395 cm
WEIGHT: 4 tons
Water: 500 liter