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We were approached by McCann Erickson, Mumbai, to create a visual for the launch of Voot Kids app. The job entailed creating a composition of the shoot image of the child and his mother with CGI created assets which highlighted the kind of content the Voot app has curated specifically for kids.
The categories were Cartoons, Audio-stories, Books and Quizzes, and for each we had to create icons in 3D and a magical connection between the shoot part with the CGI icons. The job was a challenge as the icons recalled specific IPs like Kung Fu Panda, Smurfs, Old McDonald Cartoon from the Voot app and a specifically designed Einstein character by McCann.
All these elements had to be created in CGI and comped with the shoot image to create the final layout.


Client _ Voot, India
Agency _ McCann Erickson, Mumbai
Production Coordinator _ Krishna Maheshwari
Photographer _ Kiran Patankar
Modeling & Texturing _ Kiran Batle, Samar Sonone & Silu Sisupalan
Shading & Lighting_ Navin Phalke
Post Production _ Shrikant Jakkula, Anant Choudhari  &  Navin Phalke

Making of
Client Layout                                                                                                                                           Final Output
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Voot Kids / Cgi