Adding more details to create the air inlets
Air inlets, used vertical instead of horizontal for better look as well as inflow of air into the blower. Can be decreased in number as required.
Added button and charger point slots
First Render
Creating the base on the top where Magnet will be Placed
Added a little curvature to the body for a better grip and increased the height of the magnet holder
Outer body is almost done, now starting work with the nozzle.
Created the nozzle.
Added magnet on top and colors to the blower.
Outer body is almost ready, colors can be changed accordingly. I will probably change the placement and size of the button, keeping in mind how the children are going to hold it like a pencil or a torch.
Increased the size of the button.
Decreased the air inlets
Side view
Top angle view
Recreating the whole blower with CAD software with proper dimensions. Used a radius of 20 mm and thickness of 3mm.
Cut into half as first one side needs to be created.
Extruded the cylinder to 140 mm height keeping the rest for nozzle and nozzle screw lines.
Added extra 8 mm for the magnet area at the bottom.
Had to recreate as 3D sketches with different sketch heights, so when I use loft extrude, it gets the bend required in the original model. Still learning the CAD software so will take time.
When lofted as you can see its curved enough to hold the blower.
Using slots to wrap holes in the body for air vents
Slots getting projected on the blower.
Slots wrapped and extruded
Using Mirror tool slots were mirrored on the other side
similar way edges were embossed at the base
Same way the bottom portion is de-embossed. Later fillet will be added to these to make them smooth and give tech look.
Etching and more emboss added for the deisgn,
thin de-emboss added to the middle of the blower. Thickness is very low 0.4 mm. After adding fillet it might be almost not touchable by hand. 
Decreased the length of the middle emboss line as button will be added above it.
Little de-emboss lines and button hole added
Little design emboss on the sides and the outer body design is almost done. These designs can easily be altered and removed later if required.
Slots above the button hole are for led lights.
Fillets added to the emboss to give them smooth curves
Adding colors to the blower giving it more techno look. Colors and materials can be changed as required.
One side of the blower is completed. Now I will be creating top part and then inner parts.
Similar method I have created 40mm length nozzle. It has a 3mm base line which will insert inside the body created before.
Fillets added to the emboss
Nozzle complete with color.
Nozzle Different Views
Body different views
Renderings with low gloss plastic material
Created the other side added charger slot and removed the button. Changed the color to white and grey instead of black for the body. As this looks much better.
Render with white color.
Color change to other side as well.
Render of the first side. Now going to join them in assembly.
pieces assembled together.
Renders. Now going to add button and led lights.

created the magnet for the back.
Magnet added.
Changed the air vents designs. The vents should match the over all design of the blower.
Created the button.
Button added. On continuously tapping the button, blower will work. On double tapping the button, blower speed could be changed which will be depicted by LED lights above the button.
LED boxes added, which will be translucent plastic with three colors. green, white and red.
Final Renders

3D Hand Blower

3D Hand Blower