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Snapchat - Sticker Pack

Icon Design
Stickers are a fun, simple, and creative way to express yourself! Tens of millions of Snapchatters use stickers everyday to decorate their Snaps and share how they’re feeling with friends in Chat. With Partnered Sticker Packs, artists and partners can create their own collection of stickers, enabling Snapchatters across the world to get creative and share stickers with friends.

Create 16 Stickers in your own style. Must include words, props and decorative items for increased engagement. Sponsored and Featured Sticker Packs are displayed in the main Star tab of the sticker picker.

Preliminary Concept Sketches:

Vectored Wireframes (aligned optically) : 

Rendered Artwork:
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Snapchat - Sticker Pack


Snapchat - Sticker Pack

A sponsored sticker pack to be featured in tens-of-millions of Snapchat user's cameras