O  P  E  N    Y  O  U  R    M  O  J  O 
(Bean-to-Bar Chocolate – Packaging – Moscow)

Mojo Cacao is a bean-to-bar chocolate brand based in Moscow, Russia. It produces a variety of chocolates and spreads. All of Mojo Cacao’s products are made from high quality, organic and fair trade ingredients, and are gluten, grain, dairy and sugar-free.

Although brand founder Eugenia has genuine passion for environmental sustainability and individual well-being, which is manifested through brand communication in social media & offline spots.

Therefore, brand team created chocolate, in the composition of which you will not find products that cannot be found growing on the earth: animal milk, refined sugar and artificially created additives - preservatives, lecithin, flavorings and emulsifiers. Only whole ingredients formed the basis of Mojo Cacao products.

M O j O   C H O C O L A T E   c o n s i s t s   o f:

Elite varieties of cocoa beans
Superfood cocoa butter
Selected nuts & Dried fruits
Coconut sugar

Mojo Cacao worked with Moscow based branding studio N.E.W. to develop packaging design for its raw chocolate mono-bars and spreads. Creative team was inspired by minimalism, modern art and architecture, which are logical complement to the internal content of the product, to which has great importance. Founders’s passion and perseverance, their vision and concise product composition are underlying all design concept.

Mojo Cacao packaging emphasizes the aesthetics of the product, its unique clean composition. Concise and clear lines, minimalism, simplicity and functionality, natural colors and materials - all this are combined in this packaging. It tell us only important information about the product, has no noise is not trying to sell itself.  Mojo Cacao is an iconic brand, it is brave and innovative. And it needs bold packaging to support intentions to change world's feed habits.
Pastel based colors alludes to the brand’s main values. Main label matched with an elegant logo composition creating a more refined character. Designers intentionally did not use illustrations and traditional chocolate category codes to distinguish Mojo Cacao from other manufacturers and match the preferences of the brand’s audience.
Mojo Cacao 2.0