We want your body.
We want your money.
Unconventional brand campaign for The Body Shop to reinstate its position as the original pioneer of ethical beauty.
We want to use your body after your death in our advertising and we want you to give us 10% of your money in your will.
Shocking isn’t it?
We think there are more shocking things happening right now.
It looks like some people couldn’t care less about animal testing, about suffering people, about human rights and our planet.
They are only concerned about themselves and their appearances.
Using cosmetics on a dead body may seem useless and creepy, because a body without life cannot be beautiful.
We do not agree.
A man or a woman is a beautiful person in life and in death.
If it is hisher will heshe can help others even after death.
So heshe agrees to be involved. Heshe gives us his permission to use his body for our advertising and also 10% of money from hisher will to help the causes heshe and Body Shop believes in.
So this is the reason why we are running this campaign.
It’s time to face up to some tough things.
We are not alone. A lot of people are angry for the same reasons: poverty, human rights violation, animal abuse, global pollution.
They are believers.
They are willing to die to change these facts, to help the lives of others.
At Body Shop, we constantly search for natural and effective products, but we also believe we should do more. We support organizations that campaign against animal testing.
We have launched Community Trade to access some of nature’s finest ingredients respecting small-scale farmers and rural cooperatives. We’ve instituted The Body Shop International Human Rights Award. We cooperate with many organizations running important social campaigns.
So we want people to join us who are willing to die for this message.
The ones who are willing to offer their body and their money for these causes.
Everyone uses live models to sell products.
We’re using dead ones to sell a message.

Trevor was a beautiful person in life and in death. He wanted to help others even after his death. So he readily agreed to be involved. He gave us his permission to use his body for our advertising and also 10% of money from his will to help the causes he and Body Shop believes in.
Emily believed in what we believe in.
She believed in justice. She thought there were more important things in life than caring about her own beauty. She hated to see people exploited and to see animal suffer. By helping promote our products she will promote causes she believed in.