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We were approached by Leo Burnett, Mumbai, to create a poster for Halls Zatang as they were launching 2 new flavoured candies. The layout presented a clear idea on what needed to be done. We worked on creating a salt and pepper blast using 3d simulation and then modeling the rest of the elements and the product to make an appealing composition.
The challenge was to bring about the energy of the blast and the freshness of the flavours and its ingredients. The job is completely created in CGI.

Client _ Halls, India
Agency _Leo Burnett, Mumbai
Production Coordinator _ Krishna Maheshwari
CGI Lead _ Kalpesh Patil
FX & Simulation_Md Aamir
Modeling & Texturing _ Kiran Batle
Shading & Lighting_ Kalpesh Patil
Post Production _ Shrikant Jakkula & Kalpesh Patil


Initial client layout                                                                                                                                   Final Output
Asset Creation
Raw render passes
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Halls Zatang / Cgi