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Dear Bunny I Christmas 10 & New Year 11 E-Invite
Dear Bunny
2010 X'mas & 2011 New Year logo & E-invitation card
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

This is a personal project that I have done during this lovely festive season. A logo/icon for E-card. I have decided to combine Christmas & New Year as my E-card theme. So I have came out with a logo which with the combination or Deer & Bunny.

Deer = represent X'mas and Bunny = represent Year 2011 (In chinese society, 2011 will be the year of bunny and rabbit). The challenge is to combine this 2 animal into a logo which you can see this 2 image separately in different view. And this is what I have came out with - A deer in a bush, but if you rotate it 180˚, it will become a bunny in a bush! Bingo, that's what i'm looking for.

And the name of this logo is "Dear Bunny". I  have change the "Deer" to "Dear" Instead as in it sound similar, and it is about to step into a new year (year of bunny), so the title of "Dear Bunny" is with an hidden  meaning of - welcome of Bunny's Year (2011). Below is the presentation of my E-card! Enjoy!