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    Montreal Burlesque Festival, 3 live shows, workshops, burlesque boutique Fashion and more!
Burlesque today is the revival of the traditional burlesque performance. Though based on the traditional Burlesque art, the new form encompasses a wider range of performance styles; Burlesque acts can be anything from classic striptease to modern dance to theatrical mini-dramas to comedic mayhem. As with the earlier feeling, Burlesque is more focused on the "tease" in "striptease" than the "strip". 

New Burlesque tends to put the emphasis on style and tend to be sexy rather than sexual, often involving humor. Burlesque gals all have tremendous costumes and props. 
Performers will often strip down to pasties and g-strings. Burlesque as a sensation was brought to America from Britain in the late 1860s by Lydia Thompson and her British Blondes, a troupe who spoofed traditional theatrical productions and featured ladies performing men's roles, in costumes considered revealing for the time period. Since that time it has assimilated vaudeville, minstrel shows, striptease, comedy and cabaret to evolve into the follies of the twenties and thirties to the girlie shows of the 40s and 50s. Burlesque, in its various forms, is a unique traditional American Folk Art. 
Today's Burlesque revival has found a home again in Canada with Scarlett James who is the founder and President. 

Scarlett recreates the golden days of cabarets in Montreal and has been digging in history so we can all relive the glamour and sophistication Montreal had in the 40's and 50's with a modern twist to it.

Women are celebrated, men admired, talent is at the rendez vous with various disciplines and Champagne is 

The guest dress to impress so the show is as much off the stage as on!