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    RELEASE CLUBE DISCO Project by: ESTUDIO GUTO REQUENA + MAURÍCIO ARRUDA ARQUITETOS + DESIGNERS São Paulo, August 2012 Video Link: http://youtu… Read More
    RELEASE CLUBE DISCO Project by: ESTUDIO GUTO REQUENA + MAURÍCIO ARRUDA ARQUITETOS + DESIGNERS São Paulo, August 2012 Video Link: http://youtu.be/SgfbPStFDWg Concepts. The renovation project for Clube Disco was guided by a range of concepts: “Brazility”, sprung from the choice of materials, colors and shapes which take part in our memory and express our contemporarity; the ambiance of an underground club, set by the reuse of materials used in the original project, the exposition of pipes and other industrial-looking infrastructure and extensive use of wood; the use of digital technologies which mix interaction and experience in an atmosphere which could be translated into “Daft Punk spends Holiday in the countryside”. The space. The plant has 375 m2 of total space and and the layout of the club’s main ambient (43 ftX43 ft) was rotated in order to privilege the position of the DJ, thus resizing the dance floor, emphasizing circulation and creating varied atmospheres in the fully-renovated three bars and three VIP areas. The largest VIP area is now equipped to be converted into a stage for shows. The ceiling was lowered above the bars and VIP areas where the mood should be more reserved; conversely, the ceiling was heightened above the dance floor, exposing beams and infrastructure, collaborating to the electro-underground mood created by the lighting project. An antechamber to the smokers’ area was created in order to preserve the acoustics. Men’s and women’s bathrooms gained more closets, new lighting project and air-conditioning. The cash desk counts three new boxes, which minimize the waiting lines upon entry and exit to the club. Materials. Different textures and over layers of new materials and old materials grant an unique architectural identity to the space. The four sides of the dance floor, ceiling and halfway up the walls are covered with vertical ebonized wood boards in various widths. These boards cover a special cloth which ensures perfect acoustic comfort to the club. The upper half of the wall was covered in cement fiberboards designed in the same manner as the wooden ones, thus creating an optical graphic effect once combined with the lighting. Above the dance floor all finishing was removed off the ceiling, revealing concrete beams, electric, air-conditioning and hydraulic infrastructure, contrasting an alternative unfinished aesthetics to the perfect and highly detailed finishing of the rest of the space. Ceramics are other tactile element which contributes to the identity of the space; this typically Brazilian material, used in mosaics and colorful combinations of pieces and grouts, is present in bars and bathrooms. Furniture. New furniture was designed for the VIP areas and dance floor, inspired by 70’s Brazilian design, mixing black fabrics and PVC strings. The sexy and masculine atmosphere is complemented in the VIP area by a selection of vintage armchairs in black leather and wood. The side tables for cups, glasses and bottles also feature a new design which mixes the rusticity of concrete to the sophistication of shiny black acrylic. Lighting. The lighting project of the dance floor was designed as a frame which runs along all edges of the space, highlighting and amplifying the interior architecture. 250 linear meters of metallic rails containing LED tapes were used, enabling infinite programs and color mixes which create interactive effects according to the music and the mood of the dance floor; the entire system is controlled by the software MADRIX. Sound. A new sound system by English brand Funktion One is in use, installed in two towers which flank the DJ. A new acoustic project was designed, which makes use of a special rockwool cloth, wood, fabrics and cellulose foam. Tunnel. The tunnel, iconic of the club’s identity, retells the twelve years of its history through an intervention by Brazilian artist Kleber Mateus. In order to reveal its history and textures the present tunnel was ripped, disclosing recollections of the club’s faithful habitués. PROJECT INFO CLUBE DISCO contato@gutorequena.com.br/ contato@mauricioarruda.net +55 11 2528 1700 Project: Estudio Guto Requena and Mauricio Arruda Arquitetos + Designers Adress: Prof. Atílio Innocenti, 160 - Itaim Bibi. City: São Paulo - SP Year of project: 2012 Year of construction: 2012 GC: Accius Engenharia Acoustic Consultant: Paim Consultoria Acústica Lighting and Sound Consultant: L.O.D Led and Sound systems Photos: Fran Parente Read Less