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Case Study:

Case Study


An alternative to the tenancy deposit.

Instead of a traditional deposit between an owner and a tenant, needed when moving to a new flat, 
Dodomo will cover it, for a small fee. All done online in a few steps.

What is this all about?

A case study of This is Garcy full-spectrum capabilities: 
developing the product from the very beginning using 
a product map, journey mapping, flows and new functionalities, 
leading to a completely new screenflow. Followed by high-fidelity 
wireframes, webdesign, UI kit and branding. 
All done single-handed.

The Challenge

After making sure who the personas are 
and going through the customer journeys, we mapped 
the whole process of dozens of pages and product options 
to find a way of simplifying and minimizing the product to 
as less as one single page with just multiple options 
of how to display it. And that was it.

It was still just an idea before making it real 
with detailed wireframes and a prototype.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Highlight​​​​​​​

Instead of multiple pages and a very complex form, 
we introduced just one page, filled in a few steps, one at the time, 
creating a contract and a page to administrate in the same time.

What's next?

When successfully tested, design could start. 
"Lots of us decorate walls in their new appartment, often just covering 
the previous layer of color, or wallpaper. Each layer tells a story.
Dodomo lets you get this space for creativity easily, so the design 
elements are reflecting just that."


The Goal

Not to look like another start-up, be bold and identified easily. 
Multiple concepts were proposed.


The Grand Finale

Dodomo lets you find the right property and make it your home. 
The logo reflects that with a hand written "m", as a tenant signature 
and a connection between "m" and "o" creates a search symbol.

Thank you.

See more on Instagram, or Dribbble.

Case Study:


Case Study:

A case study of our full-spectrum capabilities: developing the product from the very beginning using a product map, journey mapping, flows and ne Read More