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    TRaditional African art using basic and dynamic shapes. Illustration of a woman carrying a basket like object with a bay at her back....
This project is one of the major art pieces I have been working on lately.
The idea is using shapes, both basic and dynamic shapes to create traditional AFRO art. 
There is more to this piece than it looks. Ordinarily, one sees that the piece shows a woman carrying a child and a basket kind of thing on her head.
But what it really tells goes like this.
THE BASKET - It represents all the struggles and responsibilities we face in life as humans, which we can’t escape.
THE FLOOR AND OBJECT KICKED - This shows the reactions we as humans tend to show or project in times of frustrations, struggle, worry (ies), and disappointments.
THE BABY AT HER BACK - This shows the reasons for which most of what we do are done. It also represents the future generation that we have ahead of us for which we have to go through all the hustle and struggle for.
THE COLORFUL BACKGROUND - This represents the entire world we live in. It tells that all the struggle, hard times, rainy days, frustrations, disappointments, all in this BEAUTIFUL WORLD OF OURS.
Thank you for your time .