Diría Clemencia ® Joyería Inmaculada
Marcela González is a young mother, with an old, delicate soul. She makes this delicate pieces of jewellery, nothing fancy but hand and soul-crafted. She started making accessories with hemp and beads for her friends, later with friends of friends, later for clients.
Then, she wanted to open a new branch of jewels that allowed her to become the referent in gems, stones and beads jewellery in her city. All of this happens in the city of Monclova, a.k.a.: "Monclovita, la bella" (little Monclova, the beautiful).
We started with that.
We found two fine market segments that best complied with Marcela's offer :
On the one hand, we found women that buy jewels and gems (costume jewellery), sporadically.
On the other hand, we found women that buy a lot of jewels, gems and costume jewels to sell to the first segment.
They both were above 50s, extravagant, catholic oriented; these women are proud of their age, and are also respected for their authority empowered by that their age.
DIRÍA CLEMENCIA ®  ( Clemencia would have said )
Clemencia is a serious, grandmother-like name, also a classy one; very mexican.

She came to life wondering how a lady her age would still be young at heart, provoking people saying this and that, talking about jewellery and how men must buy jewels for his loved ones, remembering things, imposing, today, the way it used to be, the way she lived, as the only way.

Ah, Clemencia, everything you do is glamorous.
( Immaculate jewellery )
We appeal to women who can't stop buying jewels and who consciously know,
that a little sin every now and then, wouldn't exclude them from entering heaven.
PHOTO: ( María Felix, LIFE Magazine ) http://www.theplace2.ru.
The essence summarises the final expression of the identity :
– Extravagant, mexican women. –
PHOTO: (HOTEL PALACIO DE SAN AGUSTIN) http://www.hotelmuseopalaciodesanagustin.com
María Felix's time was also enriched by baroque (churrigeresque) ornamentation in architecture,
music and other art disciplines such as blacksmithing and jewellery, and we absorbed this strong essence
to hommage the blacksmith's work in our typography, the disposition of the elements in descendant look,
that reminds us of the baroque details of several ecclesiastical structures of central Mexico cities, and also
of the fanciful monograms of that time. We took all this essence to the symbol to speaks of handcrafted jewellery; about the craft, about the artisan labor. About every piece's detail that makes it unique.
The brand is dressed solely in black and white. As a secondary color,
we use a turquoise blue that  is used in advertising communication.

Stationery & Packaging

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Fashion Runway 2012

Interior Design / Alfredo Zertuche
Photography / Duppy Ocio

Diría Clemencia ® Joyería Inmaculada

Diría Clemencia ® Joyería Inmaculada

Brand Development for the most beautiful handcrafted jewellery shop in Monclova, Coahuila, México.