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One Day. One Project.
One Day. One Project. 
In January 2013 I've decided to experiment and try myself in something called "One Day. One Project".
I found it as an interesting and motivational way to develop my skills as a designer. It's a great way to remove fear posting your work for others to see. You don’t have to focus and work on only one idea more than a day, and by doing this kind of small projects you have freedom to forget about it thr next day and move on to the next one. It's a freedom to fail often and learn fast different technics, get instant feedback, and get used to tight deadlines.
This daily project helped me a lot to learn new technnics, to make fast decisions, to build my own taste and style, and also to develop my creativity.
High-definition images you can find on my tumblr blog: imvasyl.tumblr.com
Day 1. Melting eternity
Day 2.
Day 3. Lovely
Day 4. Basics
Day 5. Icebreakers
Day 6. 11 frames
Day 7.
Day 8. Bloom
Day 9. Boxman
Day 10.
Day 11. Über Sphere
Day 12. Barbed
Day 13. Fuzzy
Day 14. Labels are not for people.
Day 15. Never Give Up
Day 16. Бубликова фабрика
Day 17. Ivy Sphere
Day 18. 10 Shades
Day 19.
Day 20. Three buddhas
Day 21.
Day 22. Dalí
Day 23. Audrey
Day 24. Andy
One Day. One Project.

One Day. One Project.

In January 2012 I've decided to experiment and try myself in something called "One Day. One Project".