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    Re-branding head&shoulders from 'naff' to cool
Making the Naff Cool - Re-branding head&shoulders to appeal to a younger market to compete with other contemporary leading brands
For head&shoulders to fit into the current beauty market it requires a more current, stylish target audience appeal. The use of bright, eye-catching graphics has been applied to the identity, to give the brand a fresh approach. The sans serif marque, still gives the brand a clean and simple feel while appealing to a slightly more up market target audience.
New head&shoulders logo
Illustrations used on packaging
'pure clean' shampoo and conditoner bottles
'big volume' shampoo and conditoner bottles
'easy style' shampoo and conditoner bottles
'super strength' shampoo and conditoner bottles

To promote the new head&shoulders re-brand, the campaign promotes that ‘whatever your style’ that you should ‘show off your scalp.’ The idea was to demonstrate that which ever way your hairline lines that you should be proud to show off that your scalp is dandruff free. The illustrations of different hairstyles, are each coloured for the type of shampoo and conditioner suited for that style.

The names for the hairstyles are hash tagged to encourage people to tweet their hairstyle for more hair care advice on which head&shoulders product recommended for the hair type or style and to visit the website to download the app. The ‘whatever your style’ campaign has been promoted through posters, magazine spreads, leaflets, billboards, an app, website and a free sample promotion.
Promotional Posters
The new head&shoulders website is designed to give the customer information on the product avaliable to them and advice on which is best suited to their hair type, through the site you can download the ‘whatever your style’ app. It also has a live feed through to twitter which shows customers results and feedback on the products, as well as any advice they may need.
The new head&shoulders app ‘whatever your style’ is a four step questionnaire to help the user determine which products in the new range are suitable for their hair type. After answering the questions to reveal their results, the user can then purchase the product or request a free sample to test before use.
The users will have to fill in their details which will kept for future research and further direct marketing, if they choose to request a sample.