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    EcoHeaven is our attempt to rebrand the age old concept of recycling.
Eco Heaven Bazaar
Another way of looking at Recycling
Every year, YTL Corporation organises Climate Change Week to create awareness on global warming.

For 2010, the theme was recycling; with a bazaar as the main event.

Recycling is nothing new so we rebranded the bazaar as Eco Heaven to give it a fresh twist.
Above is the manifesto for the concept. Cloud + Tree logo design by Ng Choo Seong.

Due to the tight deadline, the following set of posters were quickly put up at the event venue.
In the spirit of Eco Heaven, we also recycled discarded materials to publicise the event.

Among other stuff, these "posters" were produced.
In case you're wondering, it's the Spicy Sambal Pizza (thin crust) from Domino's. Gotta try 'em.
Pillowcase and pajamas donated kindly by Jovian Lee. Underwear politely declined.
What's black and white and red all over?
Meticulously hand made (albeit with a perpetual scowl) by Ng Choo Seong, Art Director
and assistant Puee Swee.