The evolution of my resume, starting in 2013, up to its current design.

Resume for Customer & Marketing Strategy Leader

The client needed a resume that not only looked great, but could be easily edited by a non-designer. Because the client was partial to Pages for future edits, this is the program I stuck with for designing the layout. The map and graphic icons were created and sized in Adobe Illustrator.

The History of Perl Mortgage 

Featured in the brand's monthly e-newsletter that I dispatched on behalf of the loan officers. Launching just once, the email was sent to 100+ unique lists totaling 40,000 subscribers. Designed and developed the "Knowledge Center" microsite which also acted as the infographic's landing page (as shown in the above photo.)

Role:  Designed the infographic, landing page & email. Set up dynamic content & launched the email via the ESP.

5 Things to Check Out at An Open House

Featured in Perl Mortgage's April 2016 email newsletter, Perls of Wisdom.

Role: Graphic Design

Top 5 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Created for Barry Schwartz of and Perl Mortgage.

Role: Graphic Design

Email marketing prospectus for Perl Mortgage.

Recycling 101

An infographic guide to what is and isn't recyclable via Chicago’s residential recycling program.

role: content and design

Presidents' Residences

Infographic featured in Perl Mortgage's February 2016 email newsletter to commemorate Presidents Day.

Role: Infographic, Email & Landing Page Design


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