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Branding of a Pomeranian developer’s flagship project that grew into an icon of luxury, rooted deeply in the true nature of home.

Botanica in Jelitkowo district in Gdańsk, Poland, is a newly emerging residential estate inspired by the idea of a garden city. Intimate and captivating architecture creates a warm atmosphere of home and neighbourly closeness; a peaceful life in harmony with nature. Sunny apartments with numerous glazed windows opening the view of the surrounding greenery and water are made of natural materials, such as high-quality wood and stone.

Our goal was to create a branding that most accurately represents the property
and the developer’s uncompromised commitment to quality.

We put emphasis on the aesthetics, the theme of nature and the overall customer experience. Materials and techniques were rigorously selected, botanical illustrations were painted to achieve the hand-made feel, and the brochure was inserted into a specially designed envelope. Even the selection of photos was extremely demanding, as the photographed locations had to meet the expectations of the local community.

The composition of greenery in the interior

is based on the inspiration of forest and natural vegetation. Three heights of plants are used inside the residency. There are plants from ferns to a tree, multi-stem shrubs and vines that climb the wall. The whole composition is based on the texture and colour of leaves in various shades of green.

The references to nature are overwhelming and can be found even in the apartments’ numbering, which are cut out of stone. The developer used more than a hundred plant species in the project.

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Botanica – real estate branding