Creative Technology is Singapore's trusted electronic company built on the idea to make good quality electrionic items affordable to average people. Creative has been positioning itslef as a company who offers mid-range home entertainmetn accessories at low prices. However, in recent years, Creative has gradually lost its competitive advantage due to the influx of cheaper alternatives from other parts of the region. Also, as Singapore becoming a middle-class society, Singaporeans are more concerned about taste, style, performance and the image associated with the product they purchase. Creative's products which have been perceived as "affordable", "cheap", "un-fashionable" are slowly losing its appeals to the domestic market.
Target Audience:
Instead of targetting at the yonger segment of the market (teenagers, college students), we decided to target our product at white collar working adults (age between 25 and 35). This is a market that is often neglected by majority of headphone brands and we found tremendous potential in this market. 
Marketing Creative's HQ-1600 as a reasonably priced (slightly more expensive than entry level products but cheaper than premium brands) product with modern, sophiscated style would most probably appeal to our target audience.
Home is perhaps the most important place to most people. The way a home looks and feels reflects the owner's taste and style. Modern and sleek architecture is generally appreciated by our target audience group. However, being able to own and live in one of the ultra modern buildings mostly remain a dream to majority of the people in their late 20s and early 30s in Singapore as the property prices in Singapore are sky-high. Owning a home in a posh, modern estate is perhaps a dream and life goal that many of our target audience have. Having understood this, we aim to sell the idea of a dream home through our headphone packaging. Drawing inspirations from modern architecture, the headphone packaging reflects the form of a modern house, complete with windows and rooms. With this design, the users can easily transformed the headphone packaging into a storage space for their accessories.