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Munivo - Guide for the blind

Industrial Design
Guide for visually impaired people.
This small device aims to improve everyday life for people who are visually impaired, enhancing mobility by creating gestures using the sensorial capacities of the hand such as the recognition of the pressure and spatial acuity factors in relation with the user’s mental model.

How does it work?

It is designed to be simple, both in terms of construction and functionality aiming towards a full use of the hand in daily activities thus the shape of Munivo is the result of combining several factors such as function, ergonomics, comfort, functional aesthetics and manufacturing costs.
"Blind and Deaf" Workshop.
This was a good opportunity to experience this disability by walking around the city, entering stores, talking, trying to orientate both indoor and outdoor performing day to day activities.
While performing different activities, a variety of orientation concepts and techniques were tested and analysed.
Art Concept Decor, Brazil
Munivo - Guide for the blind

Munivo - Guide for the blind

Guide for visually impaired.