Fundación Aconcagua
El Centinela de Piedra

Aconcagua El Centinela de Piedra is a humanitarian foundation in Colombia that seeks to provide children and teenagers that come from conflict zones or poor families with psychological therapy, counseling and support. The foundation strives so they can overcome social issues that prevent them from having a proper social adaptation in their familiy, school or other social environment. For this foundation a brand project was created that includes logo design, stationery, and communication material.

For the creation of the brand it was clear that the main goal of the foundation is to protect, to be a support, a guide for young people, and that is why the name Aconcagua was chosen. Aconcagua in quechua language means stone sentinel or in spanish centinela de piedra, so the foundation wants to become a beacon, a guardian for children around the country.

The logo is comprised of two parts: the logotype and the symbol. The idea behind this symbol, the young boy in the swing, represents the main ideals of Aconcagua. Just as parents push their children while playing in the swing to go higher and higher, so does the Foundation. Aconcagua strives to push children higher so they can reach their dreams and goals in life.