Foro Nacional de Jóvenes
The Scout Association of Colombia in it's 100th anniversary of service in the country is creating a national forum for young people in 2013. The idea is to bring together children and teenagers from across the country to discuss about Colombia's current situation. For this event a brand was created that includes a logo, communication material for the event and some advertising.
The first step was to create the logo and for it the name "Foro Nacional de Jóvenes" was selected, in english the translation would be "National Forum of Young People". The idea behind this name is to show that the forum is created by the young people not for them.
Opinion, Young Mind, Gathering, Debate, Leadership, Participation, Commitment and Sense of Belonging were the main concepts behind the brand. The logo consists of two parts: the symbol and the logotype. As a representation of the act of speaking, the dialogue ballon with the children was selected because is considered a young language for it's use in comic books, although comics are not relevant for the event. The ballon includes the children for they are the one's that will get together to discuss and the colors refer to national nature of the forum