La rameau

La rameau is a playful installation made in collaboration with Matali Crasset, a french designer. "Branching out", was the theme kept in mind while making this. Six modules were made by six different groups, hence each module was a branch. The basic module for the iteration was a cuboid.
The origami modules were taken as an inspiration to come up with a form keeping in mind the cuboid and the branches.
The final outcome is going to be a multipurpose space where you decide how to use it, it is open for interpretation.
Visualisation of the prototype
Chill pine was used to make the furniture. The logs were joined using 'Mortise and Tenon', whereas the planes were screwed. The entire piece was fabricated in three days.
A simple brochure created to document the entire workshop and the process of making the furniture.
This project was done within a week at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad along with Matali Crasset. Team: Siddhi Patil, Anushree Joshi, Dhyani Parekh 
 Nuti Mody and Kisholay .
Thank You
La rameau