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    A college app
The Purpose
I was invited to create an app to help students locate their classes, places like where to eat, etc.
But not only that, but how to motivate the students to use the app and how to be more productive on the college.
The idea of the main screen is to improve student's grade. We are forbidden to show the others students grade, so we decide so let the students know whats is the average grade of the class and if this same student is "better" or not compare to his class.
After we define the purpose of the app, we add some funcionalities like gps, calendar, form requests, and we gamificate the app by rewarding the students by giving them badges for do some taskes like, use the gps for 1km and win the "explorator" badge and etc.
Layout Proposal
This is how the textures, icons, typography, buttons, color pallete should be
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