Informed by the global brand design, New Volkswagen China was over 18 months in the making to create, localize and design for Volkswagen China and it’s 3 entities. New Volkswagen represents the company’s commitment to become the leader in electric vehicles and create a completely carbon neutral company by 2050. 

As Volkswagen’s most important market – creating and shaping a modern, agile, quality design system for China that reflected Volkswagen’s new purpose was essential. The ambition and scale of the project is the largest brand update ever witnessed in the Chinese market. To ensure the success of the project, there was a high requirement for clear design thinking, culturally appropriate localization and vast stakeholder management across 4 entities and Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg.

At the core of the new design is the Volkswagen logo which has been reduced to its essentials. Flat and clear, it offers outstanding flexibility across all touchpoints, with an unprecedented impact for digital. The logo and signature moving frame, derived from the face of the new electric ID. Family cars, are the foundation elements of the new brand design. These two elements ensure consistent brand communications on every application from the product to online and offline.

After more than 18 months in development, New Volkswagen China was launched with fanfare in Guangzhou on October 31st, with the new logo proudly displayed on the landmark Canton Tower – the highest broadcast tower in China. 

基于全球品牌策略,经过 18 个月的本土化打造,为大众中国及三家合资企业量身定制的新大众品牌中国设计终于诞生了。它代表着大众汽车致力于成为电动汽车领域领导者的决心,在 2050 年之前完全实现碳中和的愿景。 

在大众汽车最重要的市场,打造并锐化一个现代、敏捷、品质感的设计系统来反应其新愿景是至关重要的。这种雄心及品牌更新的规模在中国市场史无前例。无论是对设计思维、本土化洞察还是协调大众德国总部及中国 4 个相关企业的能力都有很高的要求。


在超过 18 个月的努力和准备后,新大众品牌于 10 月 31 号在广州发布,其新标徽闪耀于地标广州塔之上。

Volkswagen China

Head of Brand Marketing and Consumer Communication: Esther Francis 
Senior Brand Manager: Jasmine Ran

Client services/Designers/Strategists
MetaDesign Beijing

Client Services
Client Services Director: Lena Lederbauer
Senior Client Manger: Jiang Wenwen
Client Manager: Eliza Wang, Cloris Tong
Producer: Nancy Wang (Photoshoot)

Creative Director: Sally Anderson
Associate Creative Director: Siuming Leung
Design Director: GeeHwee Lim
Senior Designer: Weikang Zhong, Liz Huang
Designer: Meiyi Wang, Charles Wang, Yafei Wang, Mondo Meng, Dan Liu, Candice Zhou
Motion Designer: Meimei Luo

Managing Director: Mauro Marescialli
Associate Strategy Director: Owen Li
Senior Brand Consultant: Todd Balazovic
Brand Consultant: Lori Luo 

Photographer: Uwe Düttmann
Art Direction: Mahmoud Fathy, Siuming Leung, Sally Anderson
Production: Black+Cameron
Postproduction: Moto & Digitales Leben

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Volkswagen China